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International Maritime Organization IMO Compliant

Megasorber DIS8

Self-Adhesive Vibration Isolation and Damping Sheet


Vibration Damping and Isolation Sheet

Megasorber DIS8 is a vibration isolation and damping material. Using the latest polymer alloy technology, Megasorber DIS8 has a unique polymer blend designed to provide high viscous damping and isolation properties over a wide temperature range with built-in self-adhesive technology.

Megasorber DIS8 is 2mm thick self-adhesive sheet with plastic release liner on both sides. It is designed to be sandwiched between two panels, thus forming a 'vibration isolation and constrained layer damping' system. This isolation and damping system provides excellent vibration damping to reduce the low frequency structure-borne noise as well as dramatically increase the sound transmission loss.

The built-in self-adhesive technology provides for ease of installation. This unique adhesion enables the product to withstand temperatures up to 180°C without delaminating from the substrate. In addition, Megasorber DIS8 has excellent adhesion to primed steel, lacquered steel, aluminium and low surface energy substrate such as polypropylene and polyethylene.

Megasorber DIS8 complies with IMO Resolution A653(16) for marine applications.

Megasorber DIS8 is a light weight vibration isolation and damping material. It is designed to provide maximum vibration damping and isolation without adding much weight. It is one of the most suitable damping material for weight sensitive applications, such as automotive, boats and buses and trains.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce panel vibration and resonant noise effectively
  • Increase sound transmission loss
  • Low installation cost – just peel and stick on
  • Suitable for high temperature applications up to 120°C (short term exposure only)
  • Low or non-fire hazard
  • Safe and environmentally friendly

Key Features

  • High Damping efficiency: Damping Co-efficient (Cd ) when constrained with 1mm thick steel plate or aluminium plate
  • The latest built-in adhesive technology – excellent adhesion to most substrates including polypropylene
  • Complying with IMO Resolution A653(16) for marine applications
  • High temperature resistance – it can stand up to 120°C in overhead and vertical positions
  • Low flammability: AS1530.3: 0,0,0,0-1 (with constrained layer)
  • Self-adhesive for easy "peel and stick on" application
  • Non-toxic


High efficiency vibration damping and isolation material for reducing impact or vibration induced noise:

  • Vibration damping for thick steel substrate: sandwiched between the substrate and 2mm aluminium plate
  • Marine industries: sound deadener for aluminium panels when sandwiched between the substrate and 2mm aluminium plate
  • Wall partitions: increase the sound transmission loss for plasterboards when sandwiched between the two layers of plasterboard (as shown in images below)
  • Floor boards: increase the sound transmission loss and reduce the foot impact noise for floor boards when sandwiched between the two layers floor boards

Installation of Megasorber DIS8 between two layers of plasterboard
to increase the sound transmission loss (Rw) of the stud wall

vibration damping and isolation sheet applied to wall
Application of DIS8 onto the plasterboard of an existing wall
vibration damping and isolation sheet applied to wall
Covering it with another layer of plasterboard
vibration damping and isolation sheet applied to wall
Finished result

Case Studies of Projects Using Megasorber DIS8

Soundproofing to Prevent
Cross-Talk Between Rooms

Medical Consulting Room
Soundproofing for Walls of Adjoining Medical Consulting Rooms

During consultations, patients and doctors complained that they could clearly hear the conversion in the next room. Due to medical equipment, the existing wall could not be pulled apart. READ MORE >>
Soundproofing for
Industrial Manufacturing Noise

Soundproofing Industrial Noise Problem
Hot Steel Balls Created Impact Noise

The impact noise generated from hot steel balls dropping onto a rotating steel wheel was extremely loud—up to 125dB(A). Soundproofing was needed for the 12mm thick steel wheel which had an estimated temperature of about 120°C to 150°C. READ MORE >>
Soundproofing for a
4WD Coach Fleet

4WD Touring Coach with Noise Problem
High level whining noise caused
discomfort to passengers

4WD coaches used for tourist trips had an extremely annoying whining noise which caused discomfort and headaches for the passengers, especially during long trips. On one occasion, the passengers refused to go back to the bus. READ MORE >>
Soundproofing for
Turret Punch Press Machine

Machine Noise Reduction Semi-Enclosure
A soundproofing semi-enclosure was built around the machine

A turret machine generated an unacceptable noise level that carried into the office environment and made communications in the factory difficult. Megasorber designed a soundproofing semi-enclosure around the machine which reduced the noise to a moderate background sound. READ MORE >>

Tech Specs

Noise Reduction of 5mm thick steel plate before and after applying
Megasorber DIS8 with 1mm Stainless Steel Plate
conducted by Marshall Day Acoustics)

performance graph

Please click this link to view and hear the noise testing

Typical Vibration Damping Effect of Megasorber DIS8
when constrained with aluminium foil
Geiger Plate Test Results
(AS1937.10-1977: Determination of damping coefficient by the thick plate method)

performance graph

Standard Product Range

Product Name Nominal
Megasorber DIS8-500 2.0 250 500

*The tolerance is ±0.5mm for thickness and ±10mm for width and length.

Pack size is 12 sheets per box.

Note: Standard colour is green. Black colour has now been replaced with Green.



Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for the latest version. The data listed in this data sheet are typical or average values based on tests conducted by independent laboratories or by the manufacturer. They are indicative only of the results obtained in such tests and should not be considered as guaranteed maximums or minimums. Materials and installation methods must be tested under actual service to determine their suitability for a particular purpose. "Aussie engineered and made" means the products are engineered and made in Australia with globally sourced materials.