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Soundproofing Turret Machine

Soundproofing Products Used

soundproof polyester wool with fireproof acoustic facing
Megasorber P100G-RW 
100mm thick acoustic panels with a water repellent, fireproof and sound absorbing Soundmesh G8 facing (white)
Fireproof Acoustic Insulation Composite Soundmesh
Megasorber C14
Acoustic foam + barrier composite with fireproofing sound-absorbing Soundmesh® G8 facing
Self Adhesive Isolation Damping Acoustic Insulation
Megasorber DIS8
Self-Adhesive Vibration Isolation and Damping Sheet
G8 Tape Fireproof
Soundmesh G8GR Tape
Fireproof and High
Temperature Resistant Acoustic Tape

Turret Machine Soundproofing
Fortress Systems Australia Pty Ltd
324 Governor Road, Braeside, Victoria

Noise Problem

Soundproofing Solution

soundproofing enclosure
A soundproofing semi-enclosure was built around the machine

Megasorber engineers worked closely with the customer to develop a cost-effective soundproofing solution.

Please see the “further technical information” section below for more details of the solution.?

Noise Reduction Measurement

Noise Measurement Positions

Noise Measurement Positions

Noise Reduction Results
Position Measured Noise Level Noise Reduction
Before the enclosure After the enclosure
P1 95 dB(A) 85 dB(A) 10 dB(A)
P2 94 dB(A) 79 dB(A) 15 dB(A)
P3 85 dB(A) 72 dB(A) 13 dB(A)

Measured Noise Frequency Spectrum

Machinery Noise Spectrum graph

It is evident from the noise frequency spectrum that:

Noise Reduction Results

See our Understanding Noise Levels page to better understand these decibel levels and how significant a 13 dB(A) noise reduction is.


Prior to installing the Megasorber product, our machine produced a significant amount of noise that carried to the office environment that, at its worst, made talking on the phone very difficult.  In the factory it was difficult to communicate verbally without yelling.

Once our enclosure was built using the Megasorber products, the machine became a moderate background noise only and does not interfere in either of the two environments it previously disrupted.

We considered further sound reducing techniques such as adding a noise barrier roller door to the front opening, however, with the significant reduction of sound emanating from the area it was assessed as unnecessary.

I would recommend the Megasorber system to anyone needing to limit loud and dangerous noise.

Ross Phillips
Finance Director

Fortress Systems Pty Ltd

Machine Semi-Enclosure Soundproofing Wall Finish

Wall Soundproofing
Soundproofing Wall
Soundproof Wall

Machine Semi-Enclosure Soundproofing Ceiling Finish

Ceiling Soundproofing
Soundproofing Ceiling
Soundproof Ceiling

Further Technical Information

The design details of the soundproofing semi-enclosure for the turret machine are shown in the following diagrams:

Soundproof Block Wall Plan

Soundproof Timber Wall Plan

Soundproof Roof Plan

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