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Soundproofing in Building and Construction—Case Studies

Megasorber's soundproofing materials and products have been used in building and construction to solve noise problems such as for plant rooms, factories, manufacturing plants, meeting rooms, recording studios, metal roofs, noisy air conditioners and more.

Soundproofing for
Chisholm TAFE Dyno Room

Dyno Room Soundproofing for Chisholm TAFE
Soundproofing panels installed in TAFE Dyno room

The Dyno room generated high noise level causing complaints from those in the nearby buildings. Megasorber provided a soundproofing solution.
Soundproofing for
Deakin University Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Soundproofing for Deakin University
Vibration damping sheets installed on top of an existing metal roof to reduce rain noise

Raindrop impact noise on a metal roof was disruptive during performances in Deakin University's Performance Art Building. Megasorber had a cost-effective solution.
Soundproofing for a
Brewery Manufacturing Plant

Installation of Soundproofing at Manufacturing Plant
Installation of soundproof panels
onto ceiling

The consultants and the owner of a brewery plant had set a high standard for any noise insulation materials to be used in their state-of-art manufacturing plant.
Soundproofing for the
ABC TV Recording Studios

Soundproofing Recording Studios
The installed soundproof panels

Our acoustic engineers calculated the acoustic response needed for the recording studios and provided the soundproof panels to meet these stringent requirements.
Soundproofing to Prevent
Cross-Talk Between Rooms

Medical Consulting Room
Soundproofing for Walls of Adjoining Medical Consulting Rooms

During consultations, patients and doctors complained that they could clearly hear the conversation in the next room. Due to medical equipment, the existing wall could not be pulled apart.
Soundproofing for a
High Rise Building Plant Room

High Rise Plant Room after soundproofing installation
Megasorber soundproof materials applied to concrete walls and metal ducts

Noise from the cold water pump room with an air conditioning duct on level 40 and the hot water pump room with boilers on level 41 were heard throughout levels 39-42 in a high rise apartment building.
Noise Reduction for a
Busy Loading Bay

Noise Reduction for Docking Bay
101 Collins St, Melbourne, Loading Bay

Sound-absorbing panels solved the noise problem of a busy city building loading bay and created a better work environment.
Soundproofing for Noisy
Air Conditioning Units

Soundproof Air Conditioning Units
Typical Air Con Units

Noisy air conditioners are a common problem, especially for nearby residents. Megasorber has a simple solution.