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Soundproofing for BMW Showroom Office

Soundproofing Products Used

sound absorbing polyester wool with fireproof acoustic facing in four colours
Megasorber P50WH
Acoustic polyester panel
BMW Showroom Office Soundproofing

Location: BMW Showroom, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Noise Problem

New offices were built to house additional sales staff. One office, occupied by 3 staff members, had a fish tank like environment. This was not conducive to a quiet working environment as sound and conversation reverberated around the room making it difficult to communicate over the phone or conduct sales discussions with clients.

Soundproofing Solution

An innovative and aesthetically pleasing soundproofing solution was installed:

printed images on 50mm thick Megasorber P50WH sound absorbing panels

acoustic panel printed image acoustic panel print

soundproofing panel printed image soundproof panel print


We have just installed sound damping banners at a BMW Dealership with spectacular results. The 3600w x 1800h printed image absorbed so much ambient sound, that when staff walked into their office the next day they thought something was wrong with their hearing—they repeatedly walked in and out of the room to gauge the effect the panel on the wall made to the acoustics of the room.

Not only did it enhance the look of the office with the brilliant print but the acoustic quality has been greatly increased allowing for a pleasant working environment.

A smaller office with similar acoustic problems was fitted with a 1800W x 1200H P50 Megasorber Panels. Even at this smaller size, the panel had a marked improvement on the acoustics of the room with staff commenting, "It does not sound like one is sitting in a bathroom anymore!"

Again, the magnificent print quality also enhances the look of the office accompanied by the functionality of the Sound Absorbing Panel.

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