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Server Cabinet Noise Reduction

Soundproofing Products

Sound-Absorbing Panels

Sound Absorption foam, lightweight, fireproof for engineering applications
Megasorber FM25BKA
25mm thick inherently fire-resistant, light-weight acoustic foam panel with black fireproof acoustic facing and self-adhesive backing


soundproof foam with fireproof acoustic facing
Megasorber FG25BKA
25mm thick acoustic foam with a black fireproof acoustic facing and self-adhesive backing

Optional Vibration Damping Sheet for a
Super-Quiet Soundproofing Solution

Fireproof Acoustic Insulation D10 Vibration Damping Sheets
Megasorber D10
Self-Adhesive Vibration Damping Sheet with Fireproof Facing


Self-Adhesive Constrained-Layer Vibration Damping Sheet
Megasorber D14
2mm thick self-adhesive constrained layer vibration damping sheet

For Sealing the Acoustic Foam Panel Joints

fireproof tape for soundproofing
Soundmesh G8BK-T75 Tape
Self-adhesive black fireproof and high temperature resistant tape

Server Noise Problem

Server cabinet noise soundproofing

Server cooling fans generated a constant humming noise with levels up to 83 dB(A). The noise was particularly annoying to the office workers because the peak frequency level was around 800Hz to 1,000Hz (see understanding noise levels).

Soundproofing Solution for the Server Cabinet

Economic Soundproofing Solution

Apply Megasorber FM25 (or FG25) acoustic foam to the sheet metal enclosure.

Super-Quiet Soundproofing Solution

Apply Megasorber D10 (or D14) vibration damping sheet to the sheet metal enclosure.
Then apply Megasorber FM25 (or FG25) acoustic foam.

Hear how Megasorber's soundproofing products installed on a Server Cabinet can effectively reduce noise:


  1. Enclose the cabinet in 1.2mm thick sheet metal. Make the side panels removable for easy access to the servers.
  2. Design the air inlet and outlet to minimise noise leakage.
  3. For a super-quiet soundproofing solution, line the metal panels of the server cabinet with Megasorber D10 (or D14) self-adhesive vibration damping sheets. (Optional)
  4. Then apply Megasorber FM25 (or FG25) self-adhesive 25mm sound-absorbing foam. Its acoustic facing is fireproof, tough, durable and easy to clean.
  5. Seal joints with Megasorber G8BK-T75 acoustic tape.
Removable acoustic panels
Soundproofing panels applied to server cabinet
Removable acoustic panels
Removable side panels for easy access to servers

Soundproofing Project Results

Megasorber's soundproofing products targetted the most annoying of the sound frequencies, reducing them to comfortable levels.

Noise levels were recorded before and after the acoustic treatment at 1m away from the cabinet and 1m above the ground. The final noise level was well below the office ambient noise level, at 49dB(A).

Server Cabinet Noise Reduction Results

soundproofing server cabinet results

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