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Soundproofing the Melbourne Restaurant of Channel 7's Restaurant Revolution

Products Used

restaurant soundproofing panel
Megasorber P50
50mm Thick White Acoustic Polyester Panel with Fireproof, Sound-Absorbing, Water-Repellent Facing
soundproofing panel for restaurants
Megasorber P25
25mm Thick White Acoustic Polyester Panel with Fireproof, Sound-Absorbing, Water-Repellent Facing

Restaurant Soundproofing in Melbourne Restaurant Revolution Melbourne Proud Supplier

Melbourne's Restaurant Revolution

Restaurant location: St Kilda Triangle, Lower Esplanade, St Kilda

Megasorber was selected as a Proud Supplier to provide soundproofing solutions to all five restaurants including the Melbourne restaurant that would appear in Channel Seven's Restaurant Revolution TV show.

Restaurant Noise Problem

The restaurants were made from shipping containers which have many hard surfaces for soundwaves to bounce and reverberate off, thus making the acoustics unbearable.

Architectural & Soundproofing Requirements

We were briefed with specific design guidelines to ensure the customers' dining experience was enjoyable and the filming crew would have studio-quality acoustic conditions.

Melbourne Restaurant Soundproofing Solution

Before Soundproofing Installation

Restaurant Revolution Soundproofing in Melbourne Soundproofing for Melbourne Restaurant Sound Insulation for Melbourne Restaurant

The Soundproofing Installation

Melbourne restaurant acoustic panels

Our engineer designed a detailed system, with a simple, cost-effective installation, to maximise the acoustic performance. Diners could eat in comfort, enjoying their meals under Megasorber's quiet soundproofing installations and the filming crew could have studio-quality acoustic conditions.

Megasorber P50 and P25 white acoustic panels were installed on the restaurant's walls, ceiling and under the lights, blending in well with the interior and lighting design.

Restaurant Soundproofing in Melbourne Restaurant Revolution Soundproofing in Melbourne Restaurant Revolution Melbourne Sound Insulation Restaurant Sound Insulation and acoustic panels in Melbourne Restaurant Revolution acoustic sound insulation in Melbourne Restaurant Recording Studio Quality Acoustics


Customer feedback was outstanding with customers and clients alike impressed by the acoustic soundproofing performance.

The soundproofing panels are so effective, it is unbeliebable. I will definetaley use them when I have my next restaurant.
—Nathan and Maz, the Melbourne restaurant owners

I am pleased to report that everyone is very happy with your (Megasorber's) sound-absorbing panels. They have given our noisy boxes a great sense of intimacy, which is great for filming.
—Ben Herbertson, Filming Crew Manager, Channel 7 Restaurant Revolution Melbourne Unit

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Proud Supplier 7's Restaurant Revolution