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Soundproofing Reclaimer Operator Cabins at Port Kembla Coal Terminal

Soundproofing Products Used

Acoustic Insulation Layer Vibration Damping Sheet
Megasorber D14
Self-Adhesive Constrained Layer Vibration Damping Sheet
Insulation Acoustic FG Foam
Megasorber FG50GRA
50mm thick Acoustic Foam with Grey Fireproof Sound-Absorbing Facing and Self-Adhesive Backing
Fireproof Acoustic Facing Insulation Product
Fireproof Acoustic Insulation Composite Soundmesh
Megasorber C50
Sound insulation composite with fireproof sound-absorbing Soundmesh® G8 facing and optional self-adhesive backing
Fireproof Acoustic Facing Insulation Product
G8 Tape Fireproof
Soundmesh G8GR Tape
Fireproof and High
Temperature Resistant Tape
Fireproof Acoustic Insulation Product
Adhesive Cleaner Sound Proofing
Megasorber AC5
Adhesive Cleaner

Megasorber's Next Generation Acoustic Foam

Please note: Since this project was completed, we have introduced our next generation acoustic foam:

Megasorber FM
Acoustic Foam Sound Absorbing Panel, lightweight, fireproof for engineering applications
Inherently fire-resistant, light-weight, UV and hydrolysis resistant, excellent thermal insulation, long service life, optional fluid-repellent facing
Soundproofing for Reclaimer Operator Cabin Port Kembla Coal Teminal

Reclaimer Operator Cabin Soundproofing

Location: Port Kembla, Wollongong NSW

Noise Problem

PKCT operate two Reclaimers with the operator's cabins located close to the bucket wheel and drive components. Cabins were fabricated from 5mm steel plate with checkerplate flooring. There were no provisions for noise barrier or noise damping. As a result, operators were subjected to excessive noise. The noise was typically low frequency.

Soundproofing Solution

Armed with Megasorber's unique 4-fold Approach technique, Megasorber engineers worked closely with the PKCT project engineer. A cost-effective soundproofing solution was designed and implemented:

  1. Clean All Substrates with Megasorber AC5 Adhesive Cleaner to maximise the adhesion.
  2. Soundproofing Floor: Adhere 2 layers of D14 to the underside of the floor panels.
  3. Soundproofing Cabin Wall and Ceiling: Apply 2 layers of D14 then FG50GRA acoustic foam, on top of the D14.
  4. Soundproofing Floor Cavity: Place Megasorber C50 inside the cavity under the floor.
  5. Soundprooding Access Door: Apply 2 layers of D14 to the door panels then FG50GRA on top of the D14.
  6. Seal the Joins between the foam panels with matching colour G8 Grey Tape.

Soundproofing Operator Cabin Ceiling

Ceiling Before Soundproofing
Ceiling before soundproofing
Operator Cabin Ceiling Soundproofing
First Megasorber D14 was applied to the metal substrate then FG50GRA and G8 tape

Soundproofing Operator Cabin Walls

Walls Before Soundproofing
Walls before soundproofing
Operator Cabin Walls Soundproofing
First Megasorber D14 was applied to the metal substrate then FG50GRA and G8 tape

Soundproofing Operator Cabin Floor

Floor Before Soundproofing
Floor before soundproofing
Operator Cabin Floor Soundproofing
Megasorber D14 was adhered to the underside of the metal flooring. Megasorber C50 was inserted into the floor cavity.

Soundproofing Operator Cabin Door

Door Soundproofing
Megasorber FG50GRA was cut to size and applied to the door panels

Soundproofing Result

Aesthetically pleasing, with an outstanding sound and thermal reduction: a total of 12 to 13 dB(A) noise reduction after the installation of Megasorber's soundproofing solution. (See our Understanding Noise Levels page to better understand how significant a 12-13 dB(A) noise reduction really is!)


Hi Harvey,

We collected noise data pre-works and post-works and were able to achieve an overall noise reduction inside RC1 Operator's cabin of between 12 - 13 dB(A).

The work has been successful both in terms of noise reduction, improved thermal insulation and overall aesthetics.


Max Varmedja
Projects Superintendent
Port Kembla Coal Terminal

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