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Soundproofing for Melbourne Airport Bus Bay

Products Used

sound absorbing polyester wool with fireproof acoustic facing in four colours
Megasorber P25G-G 
25mm thick acoustic polyester panel with a grey fireproof acoustic facing
Fireproof Acoustic Facing Insulation Product International Maritime Organization IMO Compliant
fireproof tape for soundproofing
Soundmesh G8 Tape
Fireproof and High
Temperature Resistant Tape
Fireproof Acoustic Facing Insulation Product
High-Tack and High-Temperature Resistant Adhesive
Megasorber A200
High-Tack, High-Temperature Resistant Adhesive

Location: T4 Terminal Bus Bay, Departure Drive, Melbourne Airport

Soundproofing Airport Terminal Bus Bay Soundproofing Melbourne Airport Bus Bay

Architectural Soundproofing Requirements

Melbourne Airport T4 terminal bus bay required an acoustic material to be fitted onto the ceiling to reduce the noise in the hectic area. The consulting engineers required that the soundproofing material meet the following key specifications:

Soundproofing Solution

Megasorber P25, a 25mm thick acoustically tuned polyester-wool panel, with fireproof, sound-absorbing G8 Soundmesh® facing, was used to soundproof the ceiling.

Joins were sealed with colour matching Soundmesh G8 tape.

The soundproofing panels were firmly installed with Megasorber A200, a high tack and high temperature resistant adhesive utilizing the latest polymer-alloy technology.

Ceiling Before Soundproofing
Before soundproofing installation
Bus Terminal Ceiling After Soundproofing
After soundproofing installation
Bus Bay Soundproofing
Soundproof Panels
Airport Terminal Bus Bay Soundproofing
Ceiling Soundproof Panels

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