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Soundproofing for Industrial Applications and Machinery—Case Studies

Megasorber's soundproofing materials and products are used to reduce industrial noise and noisy machinery problems, meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements, and make more pleasant work environments.

Soundproofing for
Server Cabinets

Server Cabinet Soundproofing
A soundproofing semi-enclosure was built around the machine

Server cooling fans generated a constant harsh humming noise annoying to the office workers. Megasorber designed a soundproofing solution for the server cabinet.
Soundproofing for

Transformer Noise Reduction
Transformer generating low frequency humming noise

Residents complained about the humming noise from nearby transformers. Megasorber provided a solution for the power company to reduce this noise and comply with environmental noise regulations.
Soundproofing for
Turret Punch Press Machine

Machine Noise Reduction Semi-Enclosure
A soundproofing semi-enclosure was built around the machine

A turret machine generated an unacceptable noise level that carried into the office environment and made communications in the factory difficult. Megasorber designed a soundproofing semi-enclosure around the machine which reduced the noise to a moderate background sound.
Soundproofing for
Reclaimer Operator Cabins

Soundproofing Machine Noise Problem
Operator Cabin Required Soundproofing from Noise of Reclaimer

Operators of the reclaimers at Port Kembla Coal Terminal were subjected to excessive noise as their steel plated cabins are located close to the bucket wheel and drive components. Megasorber's soundproofing products reduced the noise and improved thermal insulation and overall aesthetics.
Soundproofing for
Industrial Manufacturing Noise

Soundproofing Industrial Noise Problem
Hot Steel Balls Created Impact Noise

The impact noise generated from hot steel balls dropping onto a rotating steel wheel was extremely loud—up to 125dB(A). Soundproofing was needed for the 12mm thick steel wheel which had an estimated temperature of about 120°C to 150°C.
Noise Reduction for a
Busy Loading Bay

Noise Reduction for Docking Bay
101 Collins St, Melbourne, Loading Bay

Sound-absorbing panels solved the noise problem of a busy city building loading bay and created a better work environment.