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Soundproofing Case Studies

Megasorber's soundproofing materials and products have solved acoustic and noise problems for architectural designs, the building and construction industry, transport, gensets, power plants, marine industry and industrial processing. Below are some of our more recent case studies:

Soundproofing for Architectural Designs

Soundproofing for
Sport Stadium

Sport Stadium Soundproofing
Perth's Optus Stadium

Megasorber's acoustic products were specified and installed in various areas throughout the stadium to meet the airborne and impact sound insulation requirements of the project.
Reverberation Noise Reduction for Indoor Pool Complex
Reverberation Noise Control for Indoor Pool
ANU Union Court

Direct-fix of Megasorber's hydrophobic acoustic panels onto the concrete soffit of ceiling and walls. Powder coated aluminium trim finish.
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Soundproofing in Building and Construction

Soundproofing for
Chisholm TAFE Dyno Room

Dyno Room Soundproofing for Chisholm TAFE
Soundproofing panels installed in TAFE Dyno room

The Dyno room generated high noise level causing complaints from those in the nearby buildings. Megasorber provided a soundproofing solution.
Soundproofing to Prevent
Cross-Talk Between Rooms

Medical Consulting Room
Soundproofing for Walls of Adjoining Medical Consulting Rooms

During consultations, patients and doctors complained that they could clearly hear the conversation in the next room. Due to medical equipment, the existing wall could not be pulled apart.
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Soundproofing for Industrial Applications & Machinery

Soundproofing for
Server Cabinets

Server Cabinet Soundproofing
A soundproofing semi-enclosure was built around the machine

Server cooling fans generated a constant harsh humming noise annoying to the office workers. Megasorber designed a soundproofing solution for the server cabinet.
Soundproofing for

Transformer Noise Reduction
Transformer generating low-frequency humming noise

Residents complained about the humming noise from nearby transformers. Megasorber provided a solution for the power company to reduce this noise and comply with environmental noise regulations.
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Soundproofing Transport Vehicles

Soundproofing for a
4WD Coach Fleet

4WD Touring Coach with Noise Problem
High-level whining noise caused
discomfort to passengers

4WD coaches used for tourist trips had an extremely annoying whining noise which caused discomfort and headaches for the passengers, especially during long trips. On one occasion, the passengers refused to go back to the bus.
Bombardier Tram Noise Reduction

Bombardier Tram Noise Reduction Soundproofing Installation
Megasorber soundproof materials applied to tram's vibration hotspots

The Bombardier Engineering Team sought locally made vibration damping tiles for their new state of the art trams. The damping tiles had to meet stringent design requirements.

Soundproofing for Channel 7's Restaurant Revolution

Soundproofing for
7's Restaurant Revolution

Soundproofing 7's Restaurant Revolution
Soundproofing panels installed on
restaurant ceiling and walls

As a Proud Supplier, Megasorber provided soundproofing solutions to all five restaurants in Channel Seven's Restaurant Revolution.