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Soundproofing for Donhad Manufacturing Plant

Soundproofing Products Used

Self-Adhesive Vibration Isolation and Damping Sheet
Megasorber DIS8
Self-Adhesive Vibration Isolation and Damping Sheet
International Maritime Organization IMO Compliant
adhesive cleaner
Megasorber AC5
Adhesive Cleaner

Noise Problem

Donhad manufactures steel balls for mining industries. Their engineers contacted Megasorber and provided the following information about a noise problem:

Noise Problem from Steel Balls
Hot steel balls
Hot Steel Balls Noise Problem
Photos courtesy Donhad Pty Ltd

Key Design Requirements

Soundproofing Solution

Megasorber engineers took up the challenge and developed a unique, customised soundproofing solution for the project:

Soundproofing System

Megasorber DIS8 with 3mm thick steel layer on top. DIS8 is a 2mm thick self-adhesive vibration isolation and damping sheet with release liner on both sides.


Soundproofing on Steel Wheel
The engineer with the steel wheel treated with Megasorber DIS8 soundproofing system
Soundproofing sheet bolted onto steel
The Megasorber DIS8 system is mechanically fixed with small bolts on the corners

Soundproofing Results

The soundproofing system reduced the impact noise level dramatically. There were no more complaints about the noise.

Key Features of the Soundproofing System

Customer Feedback

We have put the wheel in operation and it has made a big difference.

—Ian Wilson, Environmental Engineer, Donhad

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