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Soundproofing Medical Consulting Rooms from Cross-Talk

Soundproofing Product Used

Self Adhesive Isolation Damping Acoustic Insulation
Megasorber DIS8
2mm thick self-adhesive Vibration Isolation and Damping Sheet

Company: The Melbourne Therapy Centre
Location: 221 Wonga Road, Warranwood, Victoria, Australia

Noise Concern

Two medical consulting suites were separated by a typical plasterboard partition wall. During consultations, patients and doctors complained that they could clearly hear the conversation in the next room.

The owner contacted Megasorber and requested a cost-effective solution to stop the "cross-conversation" between the two consulting rooms and increase privacy.

Soundproofing Requirements

Soundproofing Solution

Megasorber engineers and installation team developed a "DIS8 system", which is simple and easy to install without pulling the existing wall apart. The details of the system are:

  1. Apply Megasorber DIS8 onto the existing plasterboard.
  2. Apply additional plasterboard on top of the DIS8. Typical coverage: about 30% to 50% of the total area.
  3. Finish off with a coat of paint.

In order to keep the cost low, we recommended that the DIS8 system be built on one side of the wall first. If more noise reduction was needed, then the DIS8 system would be built on the other side of the wall as well.

Soundproofing Damping Sheets applied to wall
DIS8 damping sheets applied to the plasterboard of an existing wall
Soundproofing Damping Sheets Installation
Damping sheets being covered with another layer of plasterboard
Medical Consulting Rooms Walls Soundproofing
Finished result

Soundproofing Result

After installing the DIS8 system on one side of the wall, the owner and the consulting doctors were extremely happy with the soundproofing results. There was no need to install the DIS8 system on the other side of the wall.


We are very pleased with the results of Megasorber Product used for our business. We would not hesitate to recommend Megasorber and their sound-proofing products for similar business! Thank-you Harvey and the team at Megasorber for all your help and support.
—Robert Goode, Secretary, The Melbourne Therapy Centre Inc.

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