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Soundproofing for a Brewery Plant Room

Products Used

sound absorbing polyester wool with fireproof acoustic facing in four colours
Megasorber P50G-RW 
50mm thick acoustic polyester panel with a white water-repellent, fireproof acoustic facing

water-repellent soundproof facing
Water beads up on the Soundmesh G8 acoustic facing

spray adhesive
Megasorber A100
Fast-drying, high-tack
spray adhesive

Noise Problem

The consultants and the owner of the plant had set a high standard for any noise insulation materials to be used in the state-of-art manufacturing plant:

Soundproofing Solution

For the project, our engineers recommended:

The consultants and the owner checked and approved the products.

Key features of the P50 soundproofing panels

Installation of the soundproofing panels

This video shows how the Megasorber P50 acoustic panels were installed with our A100 adhesive directly onto the cool room panels at the Coopers Brewery Plant. The ceiling area is approx. 1,500 square metres.

Spray-on adhesive for soundproofing installation
Application of spray-on adhesive
Soundproofing panels installed
Installation of soundproofing panels
Colourbond finish
Installation of colourbond tophat and flashings
Soundproofed ceiling
The finished soundproofed ceiling

Brewery plant after soundproof panels installed

Soundproofing brewery plant roombrewery manufacturing plant room soundproofing
Soundproofing manufacturing plant ceilingbrewery factory soundproofing

Soundproofing Project Results

Soundproofing for Brewery Plant

The project manager allowed one month for the 1,200m2 of noise insulation product to be installed. Using the recommended Megasorber A100 adhesive, the installer finished the installation in one week—3 weeks ahead of the schedule.

The consulting engineer and the plant manager were extremely impressed with the soundproofing outcome. The plant now has a quiet and clean manufacturing environment and has become the showcase of the company.

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