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Bombardier Tram Noise Reduction

Soundproofing Product Used


self-adhesive constrained layer vibration damping tile
Megasorber DT2S
self-adhesive steel vibration damping tile

The Bombardier engineering team sought locally made vibration damping tiles to reduce the noise of their new state-of-the-art trams. The team had stringent design requirements for the damping tiles to ensure optimal soundproofing and acoustic insulation.

Soundproofing for Transport
The new tram design
(courtesy of Bombardier)

Key Soundproofing Product Requirements

The Soundproofing Solution

Megasorber engineers worked closely with the Bombardier design engineers and developed unique self-adhesive steel vibration damping tiles custom-designed for the soundproofing application: Megasorber DT2S-S5.

1. The vibration "hot-spots" were pin-pointed

The self-adhesive damping tiles were positioned at the vibration hot spots to maximise the acoustic performance.

damping vibration noise hot spots


2. The DT2S damping tile was customised into two sizes

Vibration Damping Tiles
Megasorber DT2S-S5 Self-Adhesive Vibration Damping Tiles: customised into two sizes

3. The durability of damping tiles was tested by performing a heat soak test

Samples were not cooled in between individual stages of the heat soak test, i.e. after 24 hours exposure to 90°C the temperature was raised to 130°C and the test was continued. It took oven about 30 minutes to get to the new temperature level.

damping tiles test samples
Damping Tile Test Samples
Heat soak test
Damping Tiles in Oven
no delamination
No Delamination of Damping Tiles After Test

4. Validation of the damping performance

The damping decay rate of 80.2 dB per second, well exceeded the target of 75dB per second. The test results are shown in the graph below.

Soundproofing Validation
Vibration Damping Performance Tested

Soundproofing Validation Graph

5. Easy, simple installation: just “peel and stick on”

Soundproofing Installation

The Results

Megasorber was able to integrate an effective soundproofing solution to meet the Bombardier tram engineering team's brief and successfully soundproof the fleet of trams.

The key advantages of the Megasorber soundproofing solution were:

Tram Soundproofing Installation Results

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