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Soundproofing for Architectural Designs

Megasorber's aesthetically pleasing soundproofing materials are used in architectural designs to solve noise problems such as for libraries, consulting rooms, sport stadiums, offices, public buildings, schools, universities and more.

Reverberation Noise Reduction
for the MCG Stadium

Sport Stadium Reverberation Noise Reduction
Melbourne's MCG Stadium

Megasorber's acoustic products were installed at the Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium to reduce reverberation noise to make a more pleasant atmosphere for the crowds.
Soundproofing for
Perth Sport Stadium

Sport Stadium Soundproofing
Perth's Optus Stadium

Megasorber's acoustic products were specified and installed in various areas throughout the stadium to meet the airborne and impact sound insulation requirements of the project.
Reverberation Noise Reduction for Indoor Pool Complex
Reverberation Noise Control for Indoor Pool
ANU Union Court

Direct-fix of Megasorber's hydrophobic acoustic panels onto the concrete soffit of ceiling and walls. Powder coated aluminium trim finish.
Soundproofing for
Melbourne Airport T4 Terminal

Sound Proofing Terminal Building Ceiling Melbourne
Melbourne Airport's T4 terminal building

Megasorber's acoustic panels provide attractive and effective soundproofing for Melbourne Airport T4 terminal's ceiling—a concrete soffit with galvanised steel panels.
Echo Noise Reduction for
School Sports Hall

echo noise reduction sports hall melbourne
Berwick Grammar Sports Hall

Megasorber's acoustic panels provided reverberation noise reduction for the school's sports hall.
Soundproofing for
Theatre Reverberation Noise

Sound Proofing Theatre Lecture Hall
Agora Theatre, La Trobe University

Megasorber's aesthetically pleasing and colourful acoustic panels improved the acoustics of this large theatre by reducing the reverberation noise.
Soundproofing for  
Aquatic Recreation Centre

Sound Proofing Indoor Pool Complex
Gympie Aquatic Recreation Centre

Megasorber's hydrolysis-resistant acoustic panels were pre-cut to shape then inserted between light tubes to reduce reverberation noise.
Reverberation Noise Reduction for Indoor Pool
Noise Reduction for Indoor Pool
Healthways Recreation Centre

Direct-fix of Megasorber's hydrophobic acoustic panels onto the concrete soffit. Shadow line finish.
Soundproofing for
RMIT TV Recording Studios

TV Recording Studios Soundproofing
RMIT University's TV Recording Studio

A random mix of 25mm and 50mm acoustic panels in black, white and grey were used to create an amazing 3D effects on both walls and ceiling of RMIT University's TV Recording Studios.
Soundproofing for
BMW Showroom Offices

Showroom Office Noise Soundproofing Printed Image
Printed image on acoustic panel

Images were printed on soundproofing panels and hung on the walls as an innovative and aesthetically pleasing soundproofing solution.
Soundproofing for
South East Water HQ

Soundproofing Corporate HQ Ceiling
South East Water's new, state of the art HQ building

The new corporate headquarters has total ceiling area of over 7,500m2. Megasorber supplied our aesthetically pleasing white acoustic panels which were easily installed directly onto the ceiling concrete soffit.
Soundproofing for
Community Stadium

Soundproofing Community Bank Stadium
Absorbing the reverberation for
a multi-purpose hall

The acoustics of the multi-purpose hall needed improving to enhance speech clarity when used as a performance hall without muffling the exciting atmosphere when used as sport stadium.
Soundproofing for a
Meeting Room

Sound Proofing for Renzo Tonin
Acoustic panels attached to
exposed concrete soffit

Acoustic Consultants Renzo Tonin & Associates hired Megasorber to install soundproofing panels to exposed concrete soffit in a meeting room to reduce the noise reverberation.
Soundproofing for
Kangan TAFE

Sound Proofing for Kangan TAFE
Aesthetic acoustic panels

The soundproof panels were required to be cut to specification for a square span pattern, and the bulkhead design on the walls needed to match the ceiling pattern.
Soundproofing for an
Office & Foyer Ceiling

Soundproofing Office Foyer Ceiling
The finished ceiling

Attractive, fireproof soundproof panels were required for a recording studio office and foyer. A timber batten trim finish provided an appealing ceiling finish.
Soundproofing for
Broadmeadows Aquatic Centre

Leisure Centre Soundproofing
Soundproofing panels installed on ceiling

Attractive soundproofing panels to absorb reverberation noise were required for a leisure centre. The acoustic panels also had to be suitable for swimming pool conditions and be cost effective to install.
Soundproofing for a
Church Hall Ceiling

Soundproofing Hall Ceiling
The finished ceiling

Attractive, fireproof soundproof panels that could easily be cut and installed for an architecturally designed ceiling were required for a church hall.
Soundproofing for a
School Library

Sound Proofing for School Library
Acoustic panels hung from ceiling

Aesthetically pleasing, cost effective soundproofing was required to reduce the ambient noise in a school library.
Soundproofing for
Airport Terminal Bus Bay

Soundproofing Airport Terminal Bus Bay Ceiling
The soundproofed bus bay ceiling

The ceiling of Melbourne Airport T4 terminal bus bay required soundproofing to reduce the noise in the hectic area.