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Noise Reduction for Loading Bay at 101 Collins Street

  • Noisy Loading Bay
  • Loading Bay Noise Reduction
  • Docking Bay Noise Reduction
  • Docking Bay Soundproofing Panels
  • Loading Bay Soundproofing Panels

Soundproofing Product Used

Sound Absorbing Panels
Megasorber P50G-G
50mm thick acoustic panel with a grey water-repellent, fireproof acoustic facing


Please note: Since this project was completed, we have developed an enhanced version of our P50 range:

Megasorber FM
Sound Absorption panel, lightweight, fireproof
Light-weight, inherently fire-resistant, hydrolysis resistant, optional fluid-repellent facing

Acoustic Consultant: Acoustic Consultant Australia Pty Ltd
Location: Loading bay at 101 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC Australia

Loading Bay Noise Problem

  • The loading bay has concrete floor, ceiling and walls – hard surfaces which reflect sound.
  • The area is very busy with noisy deliver trucks, vans and waste collections in and out.
  • Nearby office and local workers complained about the excessive noise.

Loading Bay Soundproofing Solution

Megasorber P50G-G sound-absorbing panels were specified to reduce the noise in the lading bay. Megasorber P50G-G is a 50mm acoustic panel with the fireproof acoustic Soundmesh G8 facing.

Panels were cut to size and installed on the ceiling and walls.

Total quantity installed: approximately 200m2.

Key features of the product:

  • Superior sound absorption capacity: the acoustic panel must have a sound absorption co-efficient of 0.81 at 250 Hz, with an overall NRC (Noise reduction coefficient) of 1.0.
  • Fire-resistant: Soundmesh G8 is an inherently fire-resistant material
  • Durability for exposed conditions: long service life.
  • Cost effective to install: direct-fix with Megasorber A200 adhesive.
  • Ease of Cleaning and maintenance: any dirt marks or finger marks can be easily cleaned with Megasorber Clean M8 block.


I can't believe the difference these panels had made after the installation. No complaint about the noise any more. Very successful project...”
—101 Collins Street Pty Ltd


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