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Megasorber 4-Fold Approach® — sound transmission loss

Sound is Blocked by a Noise Barrier

noise barrier

Lead is known as one of the best noise barriers available due to its flexibility and denseness. Use of lead materials these days, however, is nearly extinct due to health and environmental concerns.

Megasorber barriers are formulated to give the same performance as lead without the expense, and health and environmental impact. A flexible noise barrier follows the mass-law, that is, an extra 6dB(A) reduction per doubling the weight.

Noise Barrier Products


Megasorber Absorber-Barrier Soundproofing Composites Enhance the Barrier Performance

Through years of research and development, Megasorber has successfully developed a special range of soundproofing composite materials. Combined with the Megasorber sound absorption techniques and the specially designed enhancer layer, Megasorber soundproofing composites provide a sound transmission loss well above the mass-law prediction.

Megasorber sound insulation composite

Absorption-Barrier Soudproofing Composite Products