Soundproofing Solutions for the Transport & Automotive Industries

Megasorber's engineers have developed and tailored Megasorber soundproofing products to suit transport applications such as for:

  • trains, trams, locomotives
  • buses, coaches
  • trucks
  • cars, 4WDs

Armed with Megasorber 4-Fold Approach, Megasorber engineers pin-point noise source first, subsequently provide cost-effective solutions to challenging projects.

Soundproofing: Hear how Megasorber's Soundproofing Products effectively reduced a whining noise in a touring bus that was causing discomfort to passengers:

Bus Noise Problem: high level of whining noise causing discomfort to passengers.

Soundproofing Solution: reducing the low frequency noise structure-borne noise as well as the air-borne noise by installing:

  • Megasorber DIS8: 2mm thick self-adhesive vibration isolation and damping sheet
  • Megasorber D14: 2mm thick self-adhesive vibration damping sheet
  • Megasorber FG50: 50mm thick acoustic foam with a fireproof sound absorbing Soundmesh G8 facing

Find out more details of this 4WD bus soundproofing solution.

Engine bay soundproofing for buses and coaches:

Megasorber FM is new generation soundproofing material for engine bay soundproofing in busses and coaches.

The key advantages are as follows:

  • Excellent fire safety:

The product is non-combustible, with UL94 V0 fire rating on both Soundmesh G8 facing and base materials;

  • Long service life:

The product has excellent UV, heat and aging resistance; It can withstand temperature up to 180°C and will not deteriarate in hot and humid conditions.

  • Potential weight reduction:

The product is extremely light weight and self-supporting;

  • Low installation cost:

The product is extremely easy to handle, cut and install;

  • Exceptional thermal insulation;

Recommended products:

Best option:

1. Megasorber FM50BK (or FM50BKA):

50mm thick fireproof acoustic foam with a black Soundmesh G8 facing;

Economic option:

2. Megasorber FM25BK (or FM25BKA):

25mm thick fireproof acoustic foam with a black Soundmesh G8 facing;


The following applications highlight just a few ways Megasorber customises soundproofing solutions:

Latest Tram Soundproofing Project

Megasorber is proudly supplying soundproofing materials and cost effective solutions for the new generation trams for Melbourne Australia.

After extensive engineering design and testing, the global engineering team at Bombardier approved and specified our state-of-the-art soundproofing products:

Soundproofing for Trams and Light Rail
Megasorber DT2S Self-Adhesive Vibration Damping Tiles
used in Melbourne's Latest Trams

Soundproofing Project Summary

1. Pin-point the vibration "hot-spots"

The engineering team "mapped" out the target damping treatment areas:

vibration hot spots


2. Customise the damping tile DT2S

Two sizes were designed to optimize the damping performance:

Customized damping tiles


3. Validation of the damping performance

The performance of the damping tiles was tested and the damping decay rate was found to be 80.2 dB / second, well exceeding the target of 75dB / second. The test results are shown below:

Vibration Damping Test Results


4. Heat resistance test: heat soak cyles

The durabiltiy of the damping tiles were tested at four temperatures:

Samples were not cooled inbetween individual stages of the heat soak test, i.e. after 24 hours exposure to 90°C the temperature was raised to 130°C and the test was continued. It took oven about 30 minutes to get to the new temperature level.

Test Results
After the test the samples had no delamination:

no delamination after exposure to prolonged heat


5. Easy installation

It is a just “peel and stick on” application:

Installation of soundproofing damping tiles on tram


noise reduction for trainsThe Typical Noise Reduction Systems for Trains

Vibration damping:

Wall cavity infill to reduce air-bourne noise:

Engine room noise insulation:


Soundproofing Package for Trucks

noise reduction for trucks Typical Megasorber soundproofing system for trucks:

We can tailor the Megasorber light-weight soundproofing solution to meet with your requirements.



Automotive Soundproofing Solutions

The automotive industry demands top performing products at minimal cost. At Megasorber, we have taken up this challenge. By combining our expertise in sound-proofing and our in-depth knowledge in materials engineering, our engineers are continually developing innovative products to meet our clients' stringent soundproofing requirements.

  • Bonnet - engine bay side—Megasorber FM25BKA (or FM12BKA)
  • Firewall - engine bay side—Megasorber D14 and C14
  • Floorpan / Firewall - interior side—Megasorber C14
  • Door metal panel—Megasorber D14
  • Quarter panels / Roof panels—Megasorber D14
  • Roof cavity infill—Megasorber FG25GRA
  • Boot floor area—Megasorber C14

Megasorber D14: 2mm thick self-adhesive vibration damping sheets. Line the metal panels: doors, roof, floor pan, wheel arches with our Megasorber D14 strips. Megasorber D14 has excellent damping properties as well as unique adhesion properties. It will not delaminate from the substrate. D14 is widely used in automotive vibration damping, metal roof rain noise reduction as well as in generator enclosures.

It is a proven product for many damping applications. D14 provides noise reduction over a wide temperature range. Sheet Size: 260mm x 500mm (12 sheets per box).

Megasorber FG25GRA: 25mm thick acoustic foam with fireproof sound absorbing Soundmesh G8 facing and self adhesive backing. Line the door cavities, roof, under-bonnet with FG25GRA. Sheet size: 1.2m x 1.35m.

Megasorber C14 (the Holden product) is specially designed composite for engine noise reduction. C14 consists of a high performance 12mm thick acoustic foam with black Soundmesh G8 facing and a flexible high mass noise barrier with black non-woven backing. C14 increases transmission loss and provides sound absorption hence maximising the noise reduction.

C14 can be glued onto substrates with Megasorber A200 or Megasorber A100 spray-on adhesives. Alternatively, a mechanical method of fixing can be used such as pinning or the use of metal straps. Sheet size: 1.35m x 1.2m.


Application: Engine noise insulator

A client asked Megasorber to provide a product that sustains temperatures between -40°C to +140°C, can survive the tough engine-bay conditions and meets a whole set of automotive specifications, such as the water-jet spray test.

Our engineers took up this challenge and a new product Megasorber C14, a noise barrier plus acoustic foam with a fireproof sound-absorbing facing, was created. This soundproofing composite provides excellent sound absorption in the engine bay as well as blocking out engine noise in the cabin.

Our client is so happy with the performance of this product that they are discussing further applications, such as soundproofing the car boot and other areas.

engine noise insulator



Application: Firewall dampers

firewall damper

In response to automotive manufacturers' demands for lightweight damping materials, Megasorber has developed the D14 range of self-adhesive constrained-layer vibration-damping sheets which are thin and light-weight, yet highly effective. These products replace the traditional mass-dampers to reduce vibration.


Satisfied with the performance of the D14 range, our clients are looking into the possibility of using this product to soundproof roof panels, door panels, wheel arch panels and many other areas on the automobile.

Megasorber D14 is also widely used as a heat shield due to its unique adhesion strength at elevated temperatures. As an automotive engineer has stated, "It is always very handy to have Megasorber D14 around when you're working on your project" to reduce vibration.

An alternative product is Megasorber LD5, a light-weight, water-based liquid deadener which can be sprayed, troweled or painted on.


Application: Moulded firewall insulator

firewall insulator

Megasorber has tested a range of soundproofing composites to evaluate the effectiveness of each product to block out unwanted engine and road noise.


Whether a firewall is needed for a car, truck or 4WD, contact us to find out what combination of Megasorber sound absorption and sound barrier materials will give you the best results.


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