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Aquatic Recreation Centre Soundproofing

  • Aquatic Centre Noise Reduction
  • Indoor Pool Soundproofing
  • Aquatic Centre Ceiling Soundproofing Panels
  • Aquatic Centre Reberveration Noise Reduction
  • Swimming Centre Soundproofing

Reducing Reverberation Noise for an Indoor Swimming Pool Complex

Megasorber provides an innovative soundproofing product ideal for the noisy, hot, humid conditions of indoor aquatic centres: the hydrophobic/waterproof and fire-safe FM H acoustic panel. This sound-absorbing panel is attractive, lightweight and easy to cut and install.

Traditionally, the following sound absorbing materials were used for indoor swimming pools and aquatic centres:

  • Mineral fibre tiles: such tiles tend to have low NRC (typical NRC is between 0.4 to 0.6); tend to absorb moisture when exposed to water; stain when exposed to condensation on the back of the tiles; loose mechanical strength and become distorted in humid environments.
  • Open cell foam: tend to absorb and hold water; the weight increases dramatically once saturated with water; loose their acoustic performance once the open calls are filled with water or dust.
  • Glassfibre wrapped with plastic. While the plastic protects the glass wool or mineral wool from getting wet, it is reflective to sound and prevents the sound from being absorbed by the glass wool or mineral wool.

Modern-day aquatic centres demand a new generation of sound absorbing material. Megasorber FM H acoustic panels meet this demand.

Key Features of FM H Acoustic Panels

  • Hydrophobic / waterproof: panel consists of a hydrophobic foam base and water-repellent Soundmesh G8 facing; hence the product will NOT absorb any water from the facing, edges or the back.
  • Fire-safe: Megasorber has Building Code Australia (BCA) Group 1 Fire Classification as per BCA C1.10 specification and ISO 5660 Group 1 classification.
  • Superior acoustic performance: utilises patented technology (U.S. Patent No. 8167085, Canada Patent No. 2674986, Australia Patent No. 2009206197), with NRC up to 1.0.
  • Extremely light-weight, tough and durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Available in four standard colours: white, sandstone, grey and black G8 facing. Customised colour is also available (minimum order quantities apply).
  • Easy to cut and install: Typical fixing systems are:
    • Direct-fix with Megasorber A200 adhesive
    • Suspended between purlins
    • Suspended grid