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International Maritime Organization IMO Compliant Fireproof Soundproofing Facing

Megasorber BG

Flexible Noise Barrier with G8 Fireproof Facing


Flexible Noise Barrier with Fireproof Facing

Megasorber BG is a flexible high performance sound barrier with a fireproof facing. It is specifically engineered to have low stiffness to maximise sound transmission loss and effectively block noise.

Combining aesthetics and fireproof properties, Megasorber BG is specifically designed for soundproofing in architectural and building applications. It can be used as soundproofing lining for walls, ceilings, office partitions, acoustic curtains and more.

The non-combustible G8 facing has BS 476 Part 4 "Non-combustible" classification, BCA (Building Code of Australia) Group 1 Fire Classification and ISO 5660 Group 1 Fire Classification. The facing complies with IMO Resolution A653(16) requirements and has a high temperature resistance up to 550°C.

Megasorber BG is also designed for tough engineering applications, especially under harsh and stringent conditions.

The standard colour is black for the G8 facing. Other colours available are: grey, sandstone and white.

Sound Barrier Schematic Drawing

Key Features

Australian Made and Owned Flexible Fireproof-Facing Noise Barrier
  • Aesthetically appealing finish
  • High flexibility for maximum sound blocking
  • Fireproof / non-combustible G8 facing
  • Excellent for hanging applications such as acoustic curtains
  • Easy to cut and fabricate
  • Easy to install: can be glued on, stapled or nailed into position


  • Blocks out sound effectively
  • Fireproof facing reduces potential fire hazards
  • Economical
  • Low installation costs


  • Soundproofing lining for walls, ceiling, office partitions
  • Acoustic curtains
  • Acoustic doors
  • Pipe or duct lagging for soundproofing
  • Noise barrier in ceiling spaces
  • Dry wall partitions
  • Small machinery enclosures
  • Wrapping fan casings

Tech Specs

Standard Product Range

Product Code Nominal Weight Nominal Thickness Roll Size
Megasorber BG3 3 kg/m2 1.6mm 1.2m x 5m
Megasorber BG4 4 kg/m2 2.1mm 1.2m x 5m
Megasorber BG5 5 kg/m2 2.6mm 1.2m x 5m
Megasorber BG6 6 kg/m2 3.1mm 1.2m x 5m
Megasorber BG8 8 kg/m2 4.2mm 1.2m x 5m


  1. Standard facing colour is black. Other facing colours are also available and minimum order quantity applies.
  2. Standard  products are BG4, BG6 and BG8.  BG3, BG5 and BG10 are non-standard products and made to order.  Minimum order quantity applied.
  3. The colour codes are as follows:
    GR = grey, SS = sandstone and WH = white
    For example:
    - BG4GR: 4kg/m2 flexible noise barrier with grey G8 facing
    - BG6SS: 6kg/m2 flexible noise barrier with sandstone G8 facing
    - BG8WH: 8kg/m2 flexible noise barrier with white G8 facing
  4. The tolerance is ± 5% for the weight and ± 10% for the thickness, width and length.
  5. The back surface of the barrier may have some small dimples. This will not affect the performance of the product.

Acoustic Properties

Sound Transmission Loss of Megasorber BG

(Tested to SAE J1400 - Laboratory Measurement of the Air-borne Sound Barrier Performance
of Automotive Materials and Assemblies)

Megasorber P Range (P25, P50 P100) Sound Absorption Coefficient

Standard: SAE J1400 -
Laboratory Measurement of the Air-borne Sound Barrier Performance of Automotive Materials and Assemblies
Hz BG3 BG4 BG5 BG6 BG8
100 10 13 14 13 13
125 12 13 12 14 17
160 13 13 13 14 17
200 12 13 15 15 17
250 12 12 16 16 17
315 13 16 17 17 19
400 14 16 18 19 21
500 16 18 20 21 23
630 18 20 22 23 25
800 20 22 23 24 27
1000 22 25 26 27 30
1250 25 27 28 29 32
1600 26 29 30 31 34
2000 29 31 31 33 36
2500 30 32 33 34 37
3150 32 34 33 35 39
4000 34 35 35 37 41
5000 36 37 36 36 43
Rw 22 24 26 28 30
STC 22 24 26 28 30

Flammability - Fireproof Facing (Megasorber Soundmesh G8)

  • British Standard BS 476-Part 4: 1970 "Fire Test on Building Materials and Structures ? Non-combustibility Test for Material":
    Test Standard Clarification
    Note: T V SUB PBS Fire Test Laboratory test report No. 719171919-MEC10-GZJ. Soundmesh G8 was tested together with 24kg/m3 glasswool and 0.5mm perforated GI sheet.
    BS476 Part 4: Non-combustibility Non-combustible
  • AS / NZS 3837: Method of Test for Heat and Smoke Release Rates for Materials and Products Using an Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter:
    BCA Classification Average Heat Release Rate Average Specific Extinction Area
    AWTA Test Report No. 7-576560-CV and 7-588054-BV (for water repellent version)
    Group 1 FTI (Failed to Ignite) 0 m2 / kg (non-combustible)
  • ISO5660.1-2002: Reaction to Fire Tests - Heat Release Smoke Production and Mass Loss Rates:
    NZ Building Code Classification Average Heat Release Rate Average Specific Extinction Area
    AWTA Test Report No. 7-591241-CV
    Group 1 FTI (Failed to Ignite) 3.5
  • AS1530.3.1989: Early Fire Hazard Properties: Simultaneous Determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagation, Heat Release:
    Ignitability Spread of Flame Heat Evolved Smoke Developed
    AWTA Test Report No. 7-591241-CV
    0 0 0 0-1
  • IMO Compliant - IMO Resolution A.653(16) AS Amended By IMO Resolution MSC 61(67): Annex1:Part 5 (Exova Warrington fire test report 199086).
  • MVSS 302: Does not ignite (Non burn rate)
  • Maximum Continuous Service Temperature: 550°C
  • Softening point: 825°C

Flammability - Megasorber BG

  • MVSS 302: Does not ignite (Non burn rate)
  • SAEJ369a: Does not ignite (Non burn rate)

Service Temperature

  • Continuous service temperature: - 40°C to 75°C
  • Maximum service temperature: 90°C (short time exposure only)

Ozone Depleting Substance


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)



Products must be kept in a cool place and out of any direct sunlight. Recommended storage temperature 15°C - 25°C.



Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for the latest version. "Fireproof", "Non-flammable", "Non-combustible" means the product has successfully passed AS/NZS 3837, IS0 5660-1, ASTM E1354 Group 1 fire rating (AWTA test report No. 7-566397-CV). Patented Soundmesh G8 (U.S. Patent No. 8167085, Canada Patent No. 2674986, Australia Patent No. 2009206197). The data listed in this data sheet are typical or average values based on tests conducted by independent laboratories or by the manufacturer. They are indicative only of the results obtained in such tests and should not be considered as guaranteed maximums or minimums. Materials and installation methods must be tested under actual service to determine their suitability for a particular purpose.