Transformer Noise Reduction—a case study

Noisy Transformers

Company: United Energy
Location: Sycamore Street, East Malvern, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Noise Problem

Residents were complaining about the low frequency humming noise generating from the nearby transformers. The local council asked the power company to reduce this noise to comply with environmental noise regulations.

Brick walls were constructed. The transformer noise was blocked out for the houses directly behind the brick walls. The transformer noise, however, rebounded off the brick walls and was redirected to other nearby homes and these residents then complained about the noise.

Key Engineering Requirements for Soundproofing Products

Noise Reduction Solution

Megasorber developed a customised soundproofing solution:

Areas where noise barriers needed to be built to block out the direct noise path:

Noise barrier areas for transformers

Walls to be lined with Megasorber P100WR to absorb the transformer low frequency humming noise:

Soundproofing transformer wallsNoise blocking walls for transformers

Concrete footings to be lined with Megasorber P100WR to reduce the reflection and build-up of the transformer noise:

Transformer footing hummimng noiseTransformer footings soundproofing

After soundproofing installation—brick walls and noise barriers lined with sound absorbers:

Noise barriers transformersTransformers humming noise soundproofing

Noise barrier lined with sound absorbers:

Transformers Noise BarriersReducing transformer noise

Noise Reduction Results

The site is now compliant with the environmental noise regulations. There are no longer any complaints from the local residents.

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