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Broadmeadows Aquatic & Leisure Centre Soundproofing

Location: Pearcedale Parade, Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia

  • Leisure Centre Noise Reduction
  • Aquatic Centre Soundproofing
  • Aquatic Recreation Complex Sound Proofing
  • Soundproof Ceiling Panels Installation
  • Aquatic Centre Ceiling Soundproofing
  • Ceiling Acoustic Panels
  • Indoor Swimming Pool Reverberation Noise Reduction

Architectural Requirements

  • Functionality: absorb the reverberation
  • Appearance: must be aesthetically pleasing
  • Fire safety: must have fireproof facing
  • Durability: must be suitable for swimming pool conditions and have water repellent facing
  • Cleaning and maintenance: product must have water repellent facing for ease of cleaning
  • Installation: product must be cost effective to install
  • Acoustic performance: the acoustic panel must have a sound absorption co-efficient of 0.81 at 250 Hz and 1.13 at 500Hz, with an overall NRC (Noise reduction coefficient) of 1.01.

Soundproofing Solution

To soundproof the leisure centre, Megasorber P50W-RW, a 50mm acoustic panel with the water repellent, fireproof and sound absorbing Soundmesh G8 facing was installed on the ceiling.

water-repellent soundproof facing
Water beads up on the Soundmesh G8 acoustic facing

A powder coated aluminium grid system with a showdown line finish was used for the installation.
Panel size: 1.2m x 1.2m, drop-in installation.


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