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Soundproofing & Sound Absorption Products by Megasorber

Soundproofing Product Feature

Fireproof Acoustic Fabric with Heat Reactive Adhesive Backing for Perforated and Slotted Panels
Megasorber G8A
Soundproofing Noise Barrier

A thin fireproof acoustic lining fabric with a heat reactive adhesive backing for perforated / slotted panels, perforated metal sheets and timber slats. Can be used in outdoor environments without degradation of performance. Available in four standard colours: black, white, grey and sandstone. Optional water / fluid repellent version.

Soundproofing Solutions Customised by Megasorber

Australian Made and Owned Soundproofing

Soundproofing is Megasorber's expertise. Megasorber provides customised soundproofing products and innovative noise control materials, especially for original equipment manufacturers.

Our soundproofing products are engineered, tested and manufactured in Australia with globally sourced materials. Our extensive range of acoustic materials is specially engineered to maximise the materials' performance, complete with design parameters as well as extensive laboratory and field testing.

Our range of soundproofing acoustic products includes: acoustic foam & sound absorbers, vibration dampeners and vibration isolators, sound barriers and absorber-barrier composites.

Some of our innovative customised solutions include soundproofing for noisy transformers, showroom offices, corporate headquarters office building, consultation rooms, 4WD coach fleet, trams, trains, industrial machinery, factories, sport stadiums, multi-purpose halls, recording studios, restaurants, plant rooms and much more.

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Hear how Megasorber Sound Absorbing Panels have effectively reduced the reverberation noise in a large hall


See how easily Megasorber P25 and P100 acoustic panels are installed with our A200 adhesive directly onto a concrete soffit

See our Soundproofing Case Studies for more examples of how Megasorber assists customers to successfully solve their noise problems.

Megasorber's Patented Sound Absorption System

Innovative Megasorber soundproofing materials are engineered to be highly effective. Utilising Megasorber's patented technology (U.S. Patent No. 8167085, Canada Patent No. 2674986, Australian Patent No. 2009206197), a schematic drawing is shown below how this patented technology makes it possible to have soundproofing products block out fire, fluids, dust and so on.

Soundproofing: Megasorber Patented Sound Absorption System

How Our Soundproofing Products Work

Learn more about how these innovative soundproofing products work.

Soundproofing Solutions

Megasorber engineers have developed the unique 4-Fold Approach® through years of experience in providing cost-effective solutions to various noise and vibration challenges.

Megsorber 4-Fold Approach consists of:

(1) Noise absorption for air-borne noise: ABSORB IT

(2) Sound barrier for air-borne noise: BLOCK IT

(3) Sound damping for vibration induced noise: DAMPEN IT

(4) Sound isolation for vibration induced noise: ISOLATE IT

Follow the links below to find out how these soundproofing solutions work:

Utilising this unique 4-Fold Approach®, we provide effective and economical control of noise and vibration in the design and installation of acoustic materials. The 4-Fold Approach® eliminates customer guesswork and 'shooting in the dark'.

Soundproofing for Architectural Designs

Megasorber's acoustic engineers can develop customised soundproofing solutions with great architectural design flexibility. We design and manufacture fireproof sound-absorbing panels for architectural acoustic applications such as echo or reverberation reduction. Our products can be hung up as banners, baffles and framed panels to reduce the reverberation (echo) noise in auditoriums, halls, music rooms, stadiums, swimming pools, restaurants, offices, meeting rooms and call centres. Also see our Case Studies of Soundproofing for Architectural Designs.

Soundproofing for Building and Construction Projects

Megasorber engineers develop customised soundproofing solutions to assist you with your building and construction projects to reduce noise for sports halls, conference rooms, offices, plant rooms, HVAC and air ducts, air conditioning units, floor stepping noise in multi-story buildings, rain on metal roofs, compressor rooms and building acoustics. Also see our Building and Construction Soundproofing Solutions Case Studies

Soundproofing for Power Generator Enclosures and Genset Engine Rooms

Soundproofing materials used to reduce the high noise produced by power generators are often exposed to high temperatures, potential fluid or fuel spills, engine maintenance and a high air-flow environment. To suit this harsh and noisy environment, Megasorber has successfully developed a range of soundproofing systems for power plant rooms and genset enclosures.

Soundproofing for Marine Industry

Megasorber engineers have successfully developed a range of soundproofing products for marine noise reduction for: engine room noise, noise in cabins, vibration noise from the hull and structures, and wave slapping noise.

Soundproofing for Transport, Vehicles and Automotive Industries

Megasorber's engineers develop tailored soundproofing solutions for transport applications such as: trains, trams, buses, coaches, trucks, cars and 4WDs.

Soundproofing for Industrial Noise and Machinery

Megasorber's soundproofing products are used to reduce industrial noise and noisy machinery problems, meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements, and make more pleasant work environments. See how Megasorber has provided soundproofing solutions for industrial applications and machinery.



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